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Anti-Ban Update ⛑️

πŸ”§πŸš¨Β  Fix Update πŸš¨πŸ”§

FouadWhatsApp V9.75

🟑 Base Update:

Date :- 18-07-2023


βž– What’s news in 9.75
🀩 [Misc] General bug fixes

  • This version extends the app expiry dat

FouadWhatsApp V9.74F

πŸ“† 14-7-2023

🟑 Base Update:

βž– What’s news in 9.74F πŸ”§
πŸ”§ [Fixed] Crash in Message Scheduler
πŸ”§ [Fixed] Unable to open the app on some phones
πŸ”§ [Fixed] Send My location issuesπŸ“πŸ—Ί
πŸ”§ [Fixed] My location button in map πŸ“
🀩 [Misc] General bug fixes

βž– What’s news in 9.70

⚑️ [Exclusive] Media Backup/Restore option (Images, Videos, etc.)
β€”> FMWA > Universal > Backup and Restore

  • Useful for Android 11+ users to backup media before uninstall

βž• [Added] iOS 2023 Emojis pack (FMMods > Universal > Styles)
βž• [Added] Send docs, media, audio up to 100MB+ size
βœ”οΈ [Enabled] Receive Pinned messages from others
βœ”οΈ [Enabled] Transfer Chats between phones without GDrive (Settings > Chats)
βœ”οΈ [Enabled] Pin Message in private chats
βœ”οΈ [Enabled] Edit Messages
βœ”οΈ [Enabled] official Locked Conversations (Chat Info page > Lock)
βœ”οΈ [Enabled] Group Members pic in chat (official by WA)
πŸ”§ [Fixed] Crash when clicking on community
🀩 [Misc] View all User messages moved to Group

FouadWhatsApp V9.63

πŸ“† 29-3-2023


What’s news in 9.63

πŸ“’ Added more Anti-ban protection
πŸ› οΈ Fix issue of 1 hour ban for some users
πŸ€— Enabled edit messages ✏️

Fouad WhatsApp V9.53 ( 27-12-2022 )

  • Fix update 

V 9.52 ( 26-12-2022 )


What’s news in 9.52

[Added Option to hide camera icon from home top bar (FMMods > Home Screen > Header)
Enabled Undo deleted message (delete for me)
Enabled View Contact Story from home
Enabled View status from contact info page
Enabled Create your Avatar (Like bitmoji) for WA
Enabled Sending caption with documents for all
Fixed Hide Typing & Recording privacy not working (now merged)
Fixed New Attach UI and some entries not opening correct gallery
Fixed Blank space on side when recording voice note on stock entry style
Fixed Hide Muted/Recent/Viewed Updates status option
Fixed Payment icon showing incorrectly in some entries
Fixed Voice note playing crash on some phones
Fixed Hidden chats “Forward to” option
Fixed Conversation Cards (multi chats) option
Fixed “Copy Select” in chat menu translation error
Fixed “Copy Caption” in chat menu translation error
Fixed Some users crash after restore
Improved Status DP ring takes same color as status ring
Moved Story Repost option into download box

Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!
Misc Other fixes and improvements

V 9.51 ( 10-12-2022 )


[Added] Direct Translate Icon Inside Message Box

1-Click To Select Language, Long-Click To Change Language
[Added]  More Attachment Options “…” To Entry Styles: Hangouts, Hangouts V2, WAMOD, Dribble And Dribble V2
[Added] Option To Disable Direct Translate (FMMods > Conversation > Entry Style > Translate)
[Enabled] Message Yourself (Save Notes)
[Enabled] Forward Media With Caption
[Enabled] New Camera Tab UI
[Enabled] Post Voice Note As Status/Story[Fixed] Basic/Bubbles/IOS Style Camera Tab Glitch
[Fixed] Crash When Forwarding Some Messages
[Fixed] Some Entries Shape Issues
[Fixed] Some More Translations

 Updated Anti-Ban

Misc Enjoy And Discover By Yourself!
Misc Other Fixes And Improvements

V 9.35 ( 11-07-2022 )

♨️ Exclusive: Custom Double Tap emoji for every chat (Chat > 3-dots)
πŸ”Έ Added: Show notification for blocked calls due to calls privacy
πŸ”Έ Added: Option to disable Double Tap to Like
πŸ”Έ Added: Admin Indicator in groups
πŸ”Έ Added: Custom Background Color for Text Status
πŸ”Έ Added: Custom Text Color for Text Status
πŸ”Έ Added: New way to show updates (BETA)
β˜‘οΈ Fixed: Top bar disappearing in stock UI
β˜‘οΈ Fixed: Voice/Video icon color in calls screen
β˜‘οΈ Fixed: some Arabic translation spellings
➿ Improved: “Who can call me” settings. Deny options now auto disabled when set to “everyone”
➿ Improved: Show “chats” instead of “whatsapp” in one ui header
β˜‘οΈ Misc Many other fixes and improvements

V 9.30 ( 01-06-2022 )

♨️ Exclusive Added Call Rejection type options
♨️Exclusive Double Tap to Like πŸ‘ a msg!
πŸ”˜ Enable Privacy “my contacts except…” feature
πŸ”˜ Enable Send any emoji as reactions. Click “+” icon
πŸ”˜ Enable Listen to voice note after chat exit in background
πŸ”˜ Added “No internet (stays “Calling”)” option for Call rejection type πŸ“²πŸ‘»
πŸ”˜ Added “Direct Contact Link” option for chats (Chat > 3-dots).
β€” Allows you to share any whatsapp contact quickly, without sending your saved details
πŸ”˜ Added Confirm before sending Status (image/video) option (FMMods > Home Screen)
πŸ”˜ Added “Chat Backup” option to crash page
πŸ”˜ Added more in-chat translate languages: “Vietnamese”, “Tamil”, “Urdu”, “Gujarati”, “Punjabi”, “Bengali”
πŸ”˜ Added Ability to set “Search Web” or use Emoji for Profile Photo
β˜‘οΈ Misc FMThemes and Backup/Restore settings page now show folder location
β˜‘οΈ Misc FMThemes folder moved to /Download/FMThemes
β˜‘οΈ Misc Now can be installed on top of other mods directly.
βœ”οΈ Improved Start moving to WA new folder location
βœ”οΈ Improved FMMods settings Translation
β˜‘οΈ Misc Improved Anti-ban
β˜‘οΈ Misc Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot
Misc Other fixes and improvements

V 9.29 ( 05-04-2022 )

πŸ”Έ Added: Copy Caption feature for media (image/video)
-Select image/video > 3-dot > Copy Caption
πŸ”Έ Added: Ability to set “Search Web” or use Emoji for Profile Photo
πŸ”Έ Enable: Reactions feature (Long press any msg)
πŸ”Έ Enable: Pause and resume voice note recording
πŸ”Έ Enable: New Privacy Settings (contacts except) for Last Seen and Profile Photo
πŸ”¨ Fixed: False anti-virus/anti-malware reports
πŸ”¨ Fixed: Voice notes blue mic icon issue in home screen
πŸ”¨ Fixed: Video Call confirmation
πŸ”¨ Fixed: WA Bots Menu not clickable
πŸ”¨ Fixed: Mute indicator in WAMOD row style
πŸ”¨ Fixed: Translate messages shows copied message
β˜‘οΈ Misc: Improved Anti-ban

V 9.21 ( 04-02-2022 )

♨️ EXCLUSIVE: “Save to Gallery” option when Media Visibility is turned off.
β˜‘οΈ Enabled: New Contact Profile UI design
β˜‘οΈ Enabled: Disappearing messages more options (24hrs, 7 days, 90 days)
πŸ”Έ Added: Status View Toast (FMMods > Home Screen)
Know immediately when people watch your status
πŸ”Έ Re-Added: In-App Translation
πŸ”Έ Added: Option to switch translation mode between in-app or GTranslate app (FMMods > Conversation Screen > Translation Option)
πŸ”Έ Added: Show total message count in View All Messages screen
πŸ”Έ Added: Buttons to scroll to bottom (newest) and top (oldest) message in in View All Messages screen
πŸ”Έ Added: Clear Backup option now delete all old backups data. More space saving. (FMMods > Universal > Backup And Restore > Clear)
πŸ”¨ Fixed: FMWA Backup folder taking big storage space
πŸ”¨ Fixed: Widget opens without App lock
πŸ”¨ Fixed: Calling by Phone Call option giving wrong number sometimes
β˜‘οΈ Misc Many other fixes and improvements

V 9.10 ( 13-12-2021 )

Added: Download for View Once images/video
Added: View All Messages sent by contact in group (click on name)
Added: Option to change Online Dot color (FMMods > Home Screen > Rows)
Fixed: Archive Chat not showing on group tab
Fixed: RC-TELEGRAM X recording box bug
Fixed: Crash when trying to archive a hidden chat
Fixed: Large Empty space in Hidden chat and archived chat
Fixed: Groups with “Admin Only” still showing send message box in some entry styles
Misc: Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
Misc: Enjoy and discover by yourself!
Misc: Other fixes and improvements