WhatsApp Aero V9.46 Official September 2022 (Updated)

Fmmods, Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Download WhatsApp Aero APK Latest Anti Ban for Android

Aero WhatsApp developed by Modder’s famous from Turkey the complete name, namely Hazarr Bozkurt. Of course, with the advent of app can make your WhatsApp application look much more different, similar to that of other Mod versions.

In addition to having a unique and cool look, this modified version of WhatsApp also provides optional features of up to 3000+ more cool themes that you can download for free and can instantly apply. Not only that WhatsApp Aero also provides a variety of excellent features that you will never find in the official version of WhatsApp (PlayStore).


Aero Themes

As I said above, WhatsApp Aero also provides many free themes that can be downloaded if at any time you are bored with the standard view. And of course, free themes are used for you to download and apply them to the app. You can also change the theme of the XML file type which is, of course, a different way to apply it.

Find out who is Online & Offline

Review who changed the picture and the status of your contact profile. The upgraded WP Aero Media allows you to share videos of up to 700 MB and 50 MB images.

Privacy and security

Like other WhatsApp mods, this type of application has a fairly complete privacy feature, including:

  • Hide Online Status
  • Disable message forwarding
  • Block a call number
  • Set a call number only from a specific number
  • Invisible when you see a friend’s status/story from a contact
  • The Status remains visible, even if the user deletes it
  • Anti Delete message!
  • Show only the Blue check (✓) When your message is replied
  • Hide Blue CheckHide Tick Two
  • Eliminate typing status as you type in replying message
  • Eliminate voicemail recording status
  • Remove the Call icon button, Video, user profile, Mic etc in the chat page
  • Universal mode
  • Through this setting, you can access all the existing MOD features. Starting from the language of the app, choosing the emoji variant, activate the feature always look online, Tenor/Gypsy, GIF Provider, extend the video status up to 5 minutes and many more, moreover, you can also change with the complete colour customization with Whatsapp Aero. You can find the menu options that are in Mod Universal > Aero Mods > Universal.

Media Sharing settings

Users can set the maximum resolution for each image to be sent via WhatsApp. The maximum image is up to 18 MB and you can send 90 images at once in 1 touch.

Privacy Security Support

If you want WhatsApp privacy, such as fear of being hacked by someone else, then WhatsApp Aero has been equipped with a security feature of Pin lock Chat (fingerprint), pattern and Password. Recovery of the question to reinforce the password that you apply to maintain the security of your WhatsApp account and aim to reset your password if you forgot your previous password.

With this app, can certainly hide all the videos, images, and GIF files that are logged in chats by your contacts and exit the phone gallery.

Support All languages

WP Aero: Supports Turkish, Azerbaijani, Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, German, Bahasa Indonesia, Marathi, Malaysian and many more.

Support WP Aero

You can find immediate answers to all of your question types and offer suggestions from Telegram groups & support numbers. More details can be found on the Aero > support WP option.

Support more features and improvements will be present in a short time!

How to install WhatsApp Aero APK on Android?

  • Before installing the app, make sure you’ve backup all your historical data and
  • Other files on WhatsApp that you used before.
  • How? Check Chat Settings > Chats > Backup! (If supported)
  • Remove/Uninstall Older versions of WhatsApp Aero and all types of WhatsApp mods installed on the device.
  • Install the app on your device. If you want to use WP Aero in the package name (COM.WhatsApp), you need to uninstall WhatsApp (Official) or another version of Mod with the name of the package, except (com.aero) and other variants.
  • Login and verify the number of your Whatsapp account as usual and never try to restore the old backup (chat)-(Backup of version 7.96 and earlier) or (version 8.20 newer).
  • Installing applications from scratch is indispensable, but restoring backups (chat) is very risky and cannot be restored perfectly.
  • If the WhatsApp Aero app issues a warning in the “Google Play Services” form during initial setup, simply press the back button from the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhatsApp Aero safe to use?

Of course, it is safe, but you have to follow all the steps described. Not all WhatsApp mods have the same features and themes. My advice is to use general variants only such as GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, Fouad iOS WhatsApp, YOWA Delta and RA Whatsapp iOS.

Is WhatsApp Aero Anti-Banned?

Sharing my own experience alone also uses WhatsApp version of Mod for months to date. I don’t find any issues, such as from “Banned” or blocking with your notes before installing WhatsApp Mod.

Make sure to back up your data and don’t log in repeatedly, especially if the mutual type of WhatsApp Mod definitely requires code verification to log in to your account. Only advice if you still doubt, but want to try using the UnClone variant (COM.WhatsApp).

How to update it?

To update app, you can see in Settings > update. In that option, you will find the download link to update WhatsApp Aero if it is you have to do later. You can also visit our website because on this site we offer the latest version of the Mod which is always updated every time, although it doesn’t all include all kinds of MoD app categories. Visit our website and find the latest version, then the download button tab to download it easily.

Does WhatsApp Aero require Root access?

No need, you can install WhatsApp Aero without having to do the root process. Works well if indeed your device supports the installation of applications, but many current devices already support to install the Mod version of the application, because often we encounter some WhatsApp applications Mod not all types of Android devices support will it. Any problems? Report to us in the comment field or the Facebook page of Frankenstein group.

Well, that’s about the application WhatsApp Aero APK (Anti-Ban) Latest version. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you want to use the WhatsApp Aero Mod app or want to update your app to the latest version. Good luck and hopefully can be useful, thank you. Don’t forget to share and Enjoy!! ❤️

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